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Web Site Design and Maintenance

We offer a comprehensive web site implementation service. We will work with you to understand your business and then develop an original site to achieve your goals. Alternatively, you can completely specify the appearance of the site and we will only provide the HTML and any required programming. The web pages can use your existing marketing materials (including pictures) or we can provide original text and graphics.

In addition to designing the web pages, we will register the site with the major search engines and online indexes and act as your agent in acquiring a domain name, if desired. We can help you choose an Internet Service Provider to host the site, or set up the site on your own web server if you have a permanent Internet connection.

While the services described here are usually intended for public access via the Internet, we are happy to work on web sites that are purely for internal use on your office network, whether for use as a front-end to a corporate database or just to publish internal job listings, notices of events, or an employee of the month.

For convenience, we categorize our web site offerings into the services described below:

Internet Advertisement Web Page Design

We will design a single page to advertise your business on the Internet. It might include several graphics in addition to a description of your company and products, contact information, and an email link.

Basic Web Site Design

This offering is a complete site with up to a dozen informational pages, with appropriate text, graphics, basic multimedia, email links, a form to provide feedback or request additional information, and a links page to other Internet sites. An appropriate interface for navigation through the site is included, either using frames or a standardized arrangement of buttons at the top and bottom of each page. The Araxus site that you are currently looking at is an example of a basic site.

Advanced Web Site Design and Programming

An advanced site can be as complex as required to meet your goals. It can include special security measures, electronic commerce and credit card validation, CGI or Java programming, database access, and other advanced features. This type of site could be suited for an "intranet" used by one or more of your company offices, or an "extranet" that connects you to your vendors and customers.

Web Site Maintenance

We offer a maintenance contract where we will make any ongoing changes to the site, provide usage reports and analysis, and perform periodic checks to make sure all links remain valid and up to date.

Office Applications     Network Design & Management     Internet Connections     Web Site Design & Maintenance

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