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Office Applications

Whether as part of a network, or on your individual PCs, office applications are one of the primary reasons for investing in computers. At Araxus Consulting we offer a variety of services for supporting operating systems and office applications. For new systems, we will work with you to choose appropriate software, install and configure your applications and provide end-user training. For existing systems, we also offer troubleshooting, maintenance, and upgrades.

We are familiar with a large variety of operating systems and applications. If you do not see your application in this list, please contact us. We may still be able to help, either in house or by referring you to another organization.

For convenience, we categorize our office systems offerings into the services described below:

System Analysis, Installation, or Upgrades

We recognize that, for some companies, deciding which computer to buy and which software products to install to maximize your efficiency is a big question. We are here to help you decide what computer hardware, operating system and applications are appropriate for you.

We will prepare a plan for phased deployment and testing of the new systems. Then, we will install, configure and test the new hardware and software, prepare documentation, and train your staff.

Alternatively, if you want to upgrade existing hardware or software systems, we will be happy to help you. Our services might include designing a migration strategy for your office, performing the upgrades, and providing training in new features.

Office Systems Troubleshooting

The paperwork is due tomorrow and you've just lost all your menus in Word? We're here with solutions. Whether it is a hardware fault or software bug, we will identify the problem and provide you with a solution.

Office System Support and Maintenance

Araxus Consulting is happy to offer a maintenance contract that might cover hardware and software troubleshooting, user account maintenance, periodic system maintenance such as disk defragmentation and virus checking, and periodic backups with optional off-site tape storage.

Office Applications     Network Design & Management     Internet Connections     Web Site Design & Maintenance

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