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Project management is the foundation of all the services offered by Araxus Consulting. We strongly believe that high quality and professional management of a project will result in a superior final product, and just as important, a satisfied customer. In any project, especially the implementation of new technical systems, end-user acceptance is critical. We will actively work with you at all stages of design and implementation to make sure the final product is not just useful, but actually used.

We will help you to specify your goals and requirements, and then provide proposals for how we will meet them. Our proposals will include a detailed budget estimate, an analysis of the technologies we will use, an analysis of relevant security issues, a plan for implementation and testing, specifications for documentation and user training, recommendations for on-going support, and estimated times for completion of each phase.

We are able to provide all aspects of project implementation, including resource management, subcontractor and vendor relationships, installation, testing, training, and support. Depending upon your preferences, we will handle the actual implementation in its entirety, or provide project management and guidance to your own technical staff.


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